SEO Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis is a key aspect when in the beginning stages of the SEO campaign. Far too often, we see organizations neglect this important step and get directly into keyword mapping, optimizing content, or hyperlink building. But understanding who our opponents are and viewing where they stand can lead to a lot more thorough understanding of what our goals should be and reveal gaps or blind spots.




By the end of our analysis, you will understand who is winning organic and natural visibility in the industry, what keywords are valuable, and which backlink strategies will work the best, all of which can then be useful to gain and expand your own site’s organic and natural traffic.



The first step that SEO Rank Zone will take is to identify your top 5 competitors, both online and off.  One of the main metrics that we use to identify the correct competition is seeing which keywords are in common.  We take a deep look into the competitions backlink profile and keyword profile and compare the results with your business. 



This initial competitor analysis gives us an excellent starting point to begin mapping out our keywords.  While most others will blindly search for keywords that they think will rank, we utilize cold, hard numbers which speak the truth. 


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